Josh at SMU
SMU Spirit

This weekend has been filled with the sort of spirit that energizes you.  Yesterday I attended the Meet and Greet and the Presidents Gala here at SMU as a student representative of ASSMU.  It was an amazing experience, seeing all of these people here on campus to support this amazing university, and to have such a big name celebrity chef to help raise it was spectacular.  The people actually came up to students to get to know them, and wanted to hear our stories about why they came here and what we wanted to do in our lives.  We also had two great student representatives gives talks at the Gala, and that I believe made all the difference.  Hearing from the students, having the students welcome them to the campus, thanking them for being there, and telling their remarkable stories moved the guest into donating $760,000 to the university to be used for student scholarships!  What and amazing thing to happen!  This event truly was about the students, and Guy Fieri, the celebrity chef, also made that known.  It truly was an honor to be able to help out at this event and witness it for myself.