Josh at SMU

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not because of the candy or the dressing up (though for sure those are definitely pluses) but because of the spiritual, supernatural, and religious aspects of it.  Halloween is All Hallows Eve, a time in the Christian faith where we pray for the souls of those in Purgatory to be able to accept God’s forgiveness and be let into the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is a time in the Supernatural sense where the veil between the underworld and earth is weakened, and the spirits of the dead can walk the earth.  Where the Supernatural beings, and black magic become stronger.  It is the time of year, where anything mystical and/or spiritual gains a boost, and anything can happen.  But lets be honest.  Unless you are a complete geek/nerd (I am guilty myself of being), you are in it for the costumes and candy, which admittedly, it is fun to dress up, eat candy, watch a few scary movies, and go over to a friends house to celebrate.  I hope everyone had a safe Halloween!  Until next year!