Josh at SMU

Today is our dear friend Brandon Pellerin’s 21st birthday.  It was a day to celebrate the life an memory of this amazing young man.  He touched many peoples lives, and his presence is missed on this campus.  But he would not want is to dwell in the sadness, but revel in his legacy of love, leadership, and laughter.  We must do this, so that others can know him.  They may not know his name, or have ever met him, but just by living life the way Brandon did, we will be making sure he will continue to touch the lives of many.  As a quote from one of my favorite movies (Gladiator) states, “What we do in life lives on for eternity.”  By choosing at least one characteristic of Brandon’s that stuck out to you, influenced you, or that you admired, and sharing it with others, we will make sure that stays true.  He deserves that, and everyone deserves to experience the love, leadership, and laughter of Brandon.