Josh at SMU
From CRS to SeaTac: Road back home

Imagine if you will a gravel road with rundown old camp houses along either side.  That was the road up to the Jesuit Retreat Center.  I thought I was on the scene of a Friday the 13th movie.  You know the movie with Jason,the guy with the hockey mask and machete.  However, once we got the the retreat center, all that worry left.  It was a beautiful retreat center, with great company.

Deacon Joe, who lead the retreat, along with Ted who is a CRS Rep from Baltimore and an intern, where great resources of information.  They gave great presentations, especially Ted who was very lively and interactive.  Deacon Joe was a great source of information on what CRS does, and what sort of activities have happened in the past that us student ambassadors can do on our campuses.  However, in all honesty, the best sources of information were the other campus ambassadors.  For some it was their 2nd or 3rd year, others like me, it was our first.  But what was nice is that the veteran ambassadors would tell us what strategies would work, which ones wouldn’t work, and what new ideas they had.  All the ambassadors were outgoing, fun, and very friendly.  I can honestly say I have made 20 new friends this trip.

Speaking of friendships, after the retreat was over, I was able to meet up with an old friend, Emily.  I have not seen her in 9 years.  We gave each other the biggest hug in the world when we first saw each other.  It felt as though it was only yesterday when we were scrawny little 6th graders.  We caught up, reminisced on old times, and got up to speed with each other. It is truly amazing how two people who had not seen each other for almost a decade can still have so much in common, both in interests and personality traits.  It truly was bittersweet when she had to drop me off at the airport.

Overall, it was an amazing trip, and it is not goodbye with my friends, both the old and new ones, but until next time.