Josh at SMU
Road to Sacramento

After a 2 hr nap, hitching a ride at 5 am to SeaTac, and going through security, here I sit at one of the million of Starbucks in SeaTac sipping on my Tall Nonfat Vanilla Latte, and prepping for the conference.

I don’t really know what to expect from this trip.  Sure I have an outline for what I am doing at the retreat center, and I know that on Sunday I will be seeing an old friend from elementary school, but that does not truly mean that you know what is going to happen, or what you are going to get out of the trip.  However, there are a few things I do expect.  I expect that I am going to meet a lot of new friends, and make some connections that will be great. I expect that I will come back to school with some new ideas that can benefit the school.  I also expect that I am going to have a blast in the 80 degree weather that is supposed to be hovering over Cali this weekend.

More updates to come!  Stay posted ^_^